Friday, May 2, 2008

2 Visitors

Honestly, they come mostly to see New York City. But the happy plus is that I get to see them too. I've blogged about many of my visitors already. Like when the babe came to Brooklyn, brunching with Nicole on my 26th birthday, catching up with the Herrods at the Empire State Building, and the comfort of my mom coming to help with Evangeline.

I failed to blog about many other visits, such as the Spring Break visit from my precious friend, Liz. Although we were toting a six-week-old around, we still manage to tour The Met, walk through Central Park, stroll along the Brooklyn Promenade, see Ground Zero, visit the FIT museum, go to the top of the Empire State Building when visibility was at zero, wander the neighborhood boutiques, and see WICKED on Broadway! "I'm defying gravity..."

Two months before that, Andrea visited me for a weekend. Andrea, who had already investigated New York as a tourist, showed me Seaport Village, while I introduced her to The Met and The Strand, a ginormous independent bookstore in lower Manhattan. The rest of the time, we talked, talked, and talked.

And then there was the timely visit of Ev, and Marilyn and Jenna Lorence. I met them for brunch at Five Points Restaurant (an alleged Rachael Ray favorite) on January 19. They surprised me with an informal baby shower. Ten hours later, my water broke. Thanks ladies!

This week is heavy with visitors. On Wednesday, Keith's college buddy, Andrew, was in-town for business and came for dinner. Then the guys went to a Tiger's game at Yankee Stadium. And, as I type, Ev is watching scenery fly by on a train bound for New York for one last visit.

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Andrew said...

I'm honored to have my short visit with you chronicled in "from the burrow." There is, however, one very important detail missing from your post: the Tigers beat the Yankees!