Monday, May 12, 2008

10 The Burrow

Come June 1, the burrow will belong to someone else (take the tour). Real estate agents and potential tenants have been through the apartment countless times over the past five days. We learned today that the apartment is let.

It's weird to think about someone else in our space. Will they love it like we do? Will they forgive it's crooked floors and the broken closet door? ::sigh::

I'm going to miss this place that served as the cocoon to my new marriage, the locus of Evangeline's birth, and the backdrop for rich fellowship with Paul, out-of-town visitors, and friends from City Church. But I know my home is with Keith and, ultimately, with the Lord.

My prayer in leaving, then, is that the Lord bless the new tenant with precious memories and a growing knowledge of God, just as he did for us.

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