Monday, May 26, 2008

21 Columbia University

I have so many reasons to miss Columbia University. First, the university's law school is the reason we live in New York. Second, it's beautiful and old, and I like both of those things in duet. Third, its where Mr. Miller and I met.

More on the third point. Mr. Miller first saw me at a lawyers' conference in November 2005 as we stood in a circle with mutual friends. But we did not meet until three months later when I came to New York for a national law student conference at Columbia. We were officially introduced at a quaint restaurant down Amsterdam Avenue, but Mr. Miller really caught my attention later that night at a reception at Low Library (the building behind us at left). Mr. Miller approached me and asked, "So, I hear you're a religious pluralist?" ::contented sigh:: There's nothing like raising a girl's intellectual ire to win her heart.


annie laurie miller said...

Man Keith. That is possibly the best pick-up line I have ever heard!

You can tell it's worth from the success you had with it!

True test!

Seth and Janet said...

such sweet memories of falling in love. and such an amazing chance to see God writing your love story through it all.

adorable family picture too! I think E gets her moms sense of fashion ;)