Sunday, May 4, 2008

4 Not having a car

I already alluded to this facet of city living in the subway post. But, in talking to some friends tonight, I realized that its depths needed more plumbing. The generally-applicable benefit of not having a car in New York is the money saved by not paying for gasoline, maintenance, and insurance. However, there are two additional benefits specific to me.

The first benefit is avoiding periodic car accidents. I mean, I've never really understood the whole insurance gig. I shell out money each month to an insurance company. Then, when the bad accident happens (usually in my front driveway), they pay initially but make me pay it all back in even higher monthly premiums. Huh?

The second specific benefit is emotional stability. The instructor at my second round of driving school said, "Always remember that you are maneuvering a giant metal death trap." I do remember that, especially when I climb behind a steering wheel. But that thought is, well, terrifying. Living in New York City saves me the anguish.

In other words, no car equals a happy Bethany who doesn't hit things.


Simple Joys said...

But just think of the grace you are going to extend to your children when they learn to drive! And just think of the glee we will have in telling the stories of the different ways you can have a have a car accident in your driveway! :-)

Heather said...

oh the memories... ;)