Sunday, May 25, 2008

20 City Church

Today is our last Sunday in New York, which means its our last time to worship at City Church. We're going to miss this church so badly.

When Mr. Miller arrived for law school in August of 2005, there were a lot of uncertainties in his life. But one thing he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was that he wanted to be a part of City Church. He had visited its sister church in Fairfax, Virginia a couple months earlier, and he was profoundly affected by the doctrine-rich sermons and song lyrics, the parents and children who clearly loved each other, and unabashed, vocal worship of God by all the members.

When I joined him in New York as his bride, I instantly found a wonderful, warm circle of friends in City Church, which helped me adjust quickly to my new town. For example, although they barely knew me, the women of the church not only celebrated my marriage with a post-wedding shower, but also celebrated Evangeline's arrival ten months later with another party.

Some of our very best memories from our time in New York are Sunday morning worship services, talking about the Bible in the Gonzales' basement on Wednesday nights, and breaking bread with these brothers and sisters at restaurants, parks, and apartments around the City.

We know the Lord has a new church family for us in California, but we also wish we could take City Church with us.

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