Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Babe comes to Brooklyn!

My younger sister visited us last weekend.
I made her at home by conquering her (and Mr. Miller) in Settlers of Catan. Our game came sans "The Robber Barron" so we subed a toy off a bottle of Spanish wine.

Saturday morning found us at the National Design Museum. A branch of the Smithsonian located in New York City, this museum provides a small but satisfying review of both old and new in the design world.

Great thoughts abounded. Like comparing Piranesi's sketches to the new Cardinals' stadium. Or how light, as manipulated by Ingo Maurer, is so much more than a mere utility. I was taken by his fractured chandelier. Ev favored his LED table.

Ev contemplates art ~

Afterwards, we walked through Central Park, shopped in SoHo, and met Mr. Miller for "La Vie En Rose" at The Angelika.

Shopping at uniqlo, a Japanese-version of the GAP

On Sunday, Ev departed with a full bag of new fashion treasures, which is only appropriate given a weekend in NYC. She left behind many wonderful memories.


Heather said...

Settlers... aaaack! I'm so jealous. must. get. my. settlers. fix... I love your robber barren and so happy that you and Ev got to hang out (of course, just more than a tad bit jealous!)

Simple Joys said...

Sounds like a great time in the Big Apple! Thanks for the pictures and story! (And I am also just a tad bit jealous - but know that I will be there soon greeting a precious little girl!)