Wednesday, May 7, 2008

6 Living among the creative class

A critical mass of the creative class resides in New York. Although Mr. Miller and I are best categorized as members of the "chattering class," I love that we live among these artsy types. This arrangement provides endless opportunities to enter their world and admire their work. For example, Mr. Miller and I saw Chevolution at the Tribeca Film Festival a couple weeks back (Thanks Kelly!).* The film, which explores how a single image of Che became an international icon, was provoking as was the discussion afterwards with the directors and crew. And, this weekend, Evangeline and I will join a walking tour of BKLYN Design lead by Inhabitat writers.** Praise the Lord for the skill and ingenuity he has given human beings for making beauty.

*This is not an endorsement of Che.
**This is not an endorsement of the environmental philosophy on these websites.
Hey, I'm still a member of the chattering class.

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