Monday, May 19, 2008

12 Brownstones

Brownstones are row homes characteristic to our part of Brooklyn. Not all brownstones are constructed of brown sandstone; many of them are red brick and some are wood. They generally have a "garden floor," which is located in the basement, a stoop (exterior stairwell leading to the front door), a "parlor level" floor (first real floor), and several additional floors. Brownstones vary not only in building materials and height, but also in exterior accents like stain-glassed windows, carved doors, intricate wrought iron, and unusual windows.

The interiors of brownstones are often just as beautiful as the exteriors. They may feature antique chandeliers, detailed crown molding, and built-in book shelves. In spite of my husband's teasing, I'm something of a Peeping Tom when it comes to the row homes. I try to glimpse the interiors through windows at night, hoping to see their old, lovely details or the talented decorating skills of the residents.

Two weeks ago, the Brooklyn Heights Association offered a tour of five brownstones. I was thrilled. Not only could I look inside these homes guilt-free, but the brownstones in Brooklyn Heights (the neighborhood just north of our neighborhood, which provides the set for the Bill Cosby Show) are my favorite in the entire borough.

Some brownstones up close:

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mima said...

I have loved your tour of New York. I have only been there once & it was on business so really didn't get to see much. Thank you for blog.