Monday, May 26, 2008

22 Arthouse Cinemas

Walking distance from the burrow are two theaters that show lots of independent and foreign-language films, which is great. Now don't get me wrong; we're not movie snobs. We love blockbusters just as well as the next American. But we like indie films too, and its nice to be able to trot down the street to see one.

Our two favorite indie films of this year were Juno and Once (its fantastic soundtrack includes this, this, and this song). Our least favorite: La Vie en Rose. Sure it won Oscars, but watching someone slowly derail their life on drugs and alcohol is deflating.


annie laurie miller said...

AW! Once! I have the soundtrack in my cd player in my car currently.

It has held that spot for most of the past few months...

but I must say the fallen from a star, and say it to me now are in my top three along with if you want me.

good stuff.

katy.brady said...

LOVE "Once"! Great pick!