Monday, May 12, 2008

9 Shopping

New York City is heaven for shoppers. Manhattan boasts flagship stores galore, and the Brooklyn boutiques are winsome and unique. And even non-shoppers have to love it as there's a specialty shop for everyone. (One that comes to mind is a store devoted exclusively to retro advertisement signs.)

I'm a consummate shopper, not so much for the buying (though I enjoy it) but mostly for the looking and the imagining it spurs. Weaving in and out of stores, I log tons of images and then combine them in pleasing patterns in my head, maybe putting together an outfit for one of my sisters that would compliment her coloring and figure, or designing a children's bedroom in primary colors. New York provides endless materials for this diversion. Here are some of my favorite shopping spots:

Madison Avenue :: aka "The Fashionable Road." One of my favorite memories is walking down the Avenue in December at twilight with snow flakes falling softly and the trees along the street glittering with lights.

SoHo :: great for gawking at beautiful people and clothes. Plus, there's a Uniqlo and CB2!

Brooklyn Boutiques :: I'm thinking mostly of the ones on Smith St. and Court St. near the burrow. Think one-of-a-kind clothing, housewares, paper, toys, furniture, etc. Most of them are far too expensive for a student's budget, so I rarely purchase. Yet, I'm always checking in if only to touch the fabric, take in the colors and shapes, and daydream. My favorite local shops are:

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Chris said...

This was quite an education for me, just looking at the links for one children's store on Madison Ave. Now I understand why Carter's doesn't cut it anymore!