Thursday, March 27, 2008

Raising Arizona

We're here. We're barefoot. And we're outside!

Travel Report: Evangeline slept most of the flight, smiled all through take-off and landing, and flirted furiously with any passenger who would catch her eye. Oh, and the airport staff escorted me past a long line of people to the front of the security line, the security line for first class passengers. I love being a mom.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First flight

Ev and I are jetting to Phoenix tomorrow for an entire glorious week with my family, including my younger sister, Evie, who's coming into town for the weekend, and my newest nephew!

Tomorrow will mark Ev's first airplane flight. I'm praying that, unlike her mama, she will not suffer from motion sickness. And that the snooze will overcome her most of the time.

Oh, and I'm pretty thrilled about the weather in Phoenix. It's, like, in the 80s!!!!!!!!!!! Shield your eyes because here come shorts and winter-white legs.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy birthday

Today marks the one year anniversary of "from the Burrow!" It's been a joy.

Thanks to all readers for your patronage and comments. Thanks especially to my sister, Heather, who urged me to start this blog in order to share my new life as a married woman in NYC with our families out West.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A message worth believing

Whether or not you follow the presidential primaries with the fastidious attention of a politico, you can't have missed the message of change in which we can hope proclaimed by at least one campaign. And, the assurance that this message is more than "just words."

Today is Easter. A day Christians celebrate ultimate, foundational, wondrous change. Change in the form of a man. A man named Jesus. We celebrate Jesus. God, who became man, who was crucified, dead, and buried. Raised from the dead on the third day, thereby conquering sin and death. Once. For all.

Just words? No. Real reconciliation with God for sinners, like you, me, her, him, us.

This is the message of change: He is risen.
This is the message of hope: you can be born again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"abundantly beyond all that we ask or think"

Last week, Spring cleaning hit the burrow, and my husband. It took the form of me--a me consumed with chucking papers and candle stubs, trapping dust bunnies, and dousing every surface with 409, all with the fervor of demon-possessed swine racing toward a cliff.

Deep in a file folder, I ran across an unredeemed gift that someone gave us at our wedding. The gift consisted of looking through a catalog of mostly kitchen appliances and home gizmos, picking one item, and calling a number to have the item mailed to us. After pouring over the items, I got stuck between a blender and a food processor, two items I've been hankering to have in order to make, among other delights, (1) smoothies and (2) salsa. I noticed in small print on the back of the catalog that if they don't have an item in stock, they'll substitute an item of equal value. Oh, I thought, so either choice could be shattered by the arrival of an electric foot masseuse or his and her beer mugs. Realty check. I promptly dialed the toll free number and asked for the blender.

Today the package arrived. My future does not hold happy feet, a Goodwill donation, a blender, or a food processor. No, instead the company sent me something not even listed in their catalog: a PowerBlend Duet. "What is a PowerBlend Duet?" asks the reader who hasn't yet clicked on the hyperlink. Well, dear reader, it is a delightful invention that acts as both a blender and a food processor. No joke.

So there will be smoothies in the burrow. And salsa. And a visual reminder that God knows the desires of our hearts. Even when those desires don't aspire higher than a kitchen appliance.

Ready to go! ...or not.

Yesterday, I was preparing Evangeline for a walk around the neighborhood. I dressed her in a warm sleeper and pulled her knitted cap on her head as she laid on the bed, explaining all the fun we were going to have. I put a blanket over her to comfort her while I dashed out of the room to yank on my boots and grab the Baby Bjorn. When I came back, I found this:

Clearly, a walk was not number one on her list of things to do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music Video: Smiling

soundtrack by Relient K

A fanciful (true) tale

Wonder of wonders. Miracle of miracles. Ev slept through the night. Yes, we're talking about eight straight hours.
Ev to Rip Van Winkle: "You got SERVED!"

Monday, March 10, 2008

One year

A year ago today, Mr. Miller and I were declared one in the sight of God, our families, and a host of witnesses. We've since shared twelve blissful months together.

Marriage is amazing. Mr. Miller is my best friend, my passion, my inspiration, my amusement, and my love. I can hardly believe I get to fall asleep every night next to him and talk to him for so many of my waking moments. By the grace of God, being married to him and caring for the children we have together is my life calling. How can I be so fortunate! I love him more now than I ever thought possible and suspect that this love will only continue to grow as I daily observe his relationship with the Lord, his deep devotion to the Word, his affection for his family--especially our new daughter, and his commitment to see the King of Kings glorified by every tribe and tongue.

Speaking of Evangeline, she is the highlight of our union, a miraculous manifestation of how the "two shall become one."

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Treyton Michael

finally decided to leave his comfy home and join us in the real world! My sister only labored for an intense hour and a half before Treyton's adorable, chunky self popped out. He was born a day before his due date and exactly seven weeks after Evangeline.

In other good news, these cousins get to meet at the end of the month!