Friday, May 30, 2008

26 Libraries

In one sense, this post isn't fair because I won't miss the Brooklyn and NYC libraries any more than the other libraries I've loved and lost. But I'm going to miss the New York and Brooklyn libraries because libraries are like dear friends; their quirks and uniqueness get under your skin and make them unforgettably wonderful.

The lion pictured here guards the NYC Humanities and Social Sciences Library, where I spent long hours last Spring writing papers for law school. It's the first library I've used where I couldn't access the stacks, but rather had to order books at one window, and pick them up several minutes later at the next window. Kinda like Burger King. The library also has the happy luck to be neighbors with Bryant Park, where I escaped from time-to-time to clear my head.

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Simple Joys said...

I am so glad you love libraries. I do too - we even visit them when we go on vacation!