Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Old Friends in a New Place

Newport Beach looks like paradise, but it lacks at least one essential element: "my people." More than once this summer, I longed for my family and my friends. Connecting with my people through facebook, cell phones, traditional mail, and e-mail helped abate the ache. Of course, the precious visits by some of them provided the most joyous remedy.

  • In June, Mr. Miller and I met my mom for lunch before she traveled north for work. A couple weeks later, we met David and Anna Talcott for tacos and a tour of David's old stompin' ground, San Clemente, CA.

  • In July, ADF's Litigation Academy put the Ventrella and Lorence families within driving distance. We supped one night with the Ventrella clan, and returned for Thai food with Marilyn and Jenna the following eve. Later, Keith connected with a number of Hillsdale friends at Aaron White's wedding.

  • After the bar exam, my life-long friend, Andrea, came to visit for several days. She was in need of a true vacation and I was still experiencing post-bar numbness. Thus, we did no more than shop, sleep, talk, and fry on the beach. In further laziness, I took zero photos of those relaxing days.
Thank you to those friends and my mom who visited us! Thank you to all our friends and family who have loved us from afar through caring e-mails, phone calls, and snail mail. Your presence, words, and gifts were vital encouragement to us in during this dry spell of fellowship in Newport Beach.


Andrea said...

coming to visit you was a highlight of my year. i will read, talk, sunburn, drive, laugh, walk, or eat with you any day, anywhere. love you friend!

Seth and Janet said...

hey bethany! I found your blog from Andrea's and loved reading all about your first year of marriage adventures. And you have a new one coming your way...congratulations!