Sunday, August 12, 2007


Mr. Miller and I spent Friday running around Disneyland and the adjacent California Adventure. O'Melveny sent us for its annual Disneyland Ditch-Day. It had been over ten years since I'd visited Disneyland. Back then, there were fewer wigs, scarier rides, and longer walks between the rides. Ah! I've grown-up!

As an "expectant mother," I was precluded from going on most of the exiting rides, but Mr. Miller enjoyed a couple on my behalf. One of the new-to-him rides was Hollywood Tower Hotel. The ride dropped him straight down an elevator shaft.

Our main goal for the day was to find Peter Pan. My nephew, Xander, who turned three on Friday is currently enthralled with the boy-who-never-grew-up. Sadly, we failed to find Peter, but did run across Mater and Lighting McQueen. Happy Birthday Xander!


Heather said...

I won't tell Xander about you not finding Peter Pan. He's been tellng us several times about how Aunt B talked to Peter Pan for him...

But I will show him this picture with his two favorite cars. He'll love it!

Christine said...

Arthur will be thrilled as well with this photo!