Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Maternity Shopping Syndrome

This is the story of my life:

Nonplussed, I had to go maternity shopping today. I plead the irresistible impulse of Maternity Shopping Syndrome common among first-time baby bearers.

Tops weren't a problem; most trendy shops seem to feature long, baby-doll shirts perfect for the pregnant women.

As for pants, though I don't fit them yet, I purchased maternity jeans. The panel waist is just so easy on the belly, if not flattering. Indeed, said elasticized stomach panel is all that separates maternity clothing from mainstream fashion. Mothers-to-be really can look couture all nine months. "O brave new world: That has such people in't!"


mima said...

Congrats! I know you both are very excited. There are some really cute clothes out there, but I admit that at this early stage pants are difficult -- unless you just fine some regular slacks with elastic waistbands. Wow! First ten already named! Vicki Haupt

mima said...

I'm MiMa on Heather's site & it is going to come up that way on yours.

Heather said...

ok, that comic is hilarious and SOOOOOOOOOO true. I think it's God's grace that we think we look pregnant instead of just "fat"!

ornery's wife said...

Maternity clothes for the first child are always such an exciting purchase! I remember my mother-in-law giving me $200.00 (a huge sum back in 1980) to shop for clothes. At that time there were actually maternity shops in the mall, and I made quite a haul. At least I thought that until the last six weeks, when I was so sick of those clothes I couldn't wait to go back to regular ones!

However, since you anticipate having 10 children (or more) to occupy all those names, you should, by the third or fourth child, have quite an extensive wardrobe, and actually be able to look forward to pregnancy to wear some of your favorite outfits again! :-)

Dave's grandmother carried triplets back in the 20's, and her mother made her ONE wrap around dress that started out wrapped all the way around her and tied in a big bow. By the time she delivered, (full term with 21 lbs. in actual birth weight) she said the dress would barely cover her in the front and the long tie that held it together was tied in a knot with no tails! So, I am happy for you that you live in this era and can shop for cute clothes and have more than one outfit to choose from!

Mrs. Miller said...

Hi Vicki! So good to hear from you. I recognized you as Mima right away. It comes from hanging around Xander; it's soooo cute to hear him talk about you. And now you have a fourth grandbaby coming! Heather and I always wanted to be pregnant together, and now its finally happening!

All - my favorite pants right now are my yoga pants because they are all stretchy in the right places, especially the waist.

Tracy - The story about Dave's grandmother made me laugh! What an amazing women! I mean carrying triplets to full-term is quite the feat.