Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Beach

A summer in Newport Beach would not be right without visits to the beach. On several weekend afternoons, I'd pack lunch (turkey sandwiches, apples, baby carrots, chips and water bottles) and we'd drive down to the Corona Del Mar beach, just eight minutes from our home.
I spent most of the time studying legal outlines and answering multiple-choice bar exam questions. On occasion, I'd take a "break" and read a novel.

Mr. Miller liked reading too, mostly by stealing my novel. He also enjoyed diving into the waves--no matter how frigid the water or how chilly the breeze!


Heather said...

ahhh the beach!

ornery's wife said...

Married life seems to be very agreeable for you both! Mr. Miller looks positively radiant! (is it okay to say that about a man?)

The only thing better than being "at the beach" would be being "at the beach Just The Two of Us." There is something riveting about the waves. It evokes such a feeling of God's awesomeness. I always feel small, but safe and secure knowing my Father controls just where those waves have to stop. I am glad you took the time to enjoy it while you lived there.