Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Routine rhythm...and melody

Now that Mr. Miller has resumed classes, we've fallen into a routine in the burrow. The alarm sounds at 7:30. My husband heads for the shower. Fumbling with my glasses, I walk into the kitchen and start preparing his lunch, counting off the items as they drop in the brown bag: 2 sandwiches, 1 ziplock bag containing a salty snack, 1 bag of baby carrots, 1 apple. Then, I brew the coffee. Mr. Miller finishes his shower and dresses. I scramble two eggs, which I lay in a whole wheat tortilla and sprinkle with cheese and salsa. Breakfast burrito in a bag, coffee in the travel mug. All the food goes in the backpack, which Mr. Miller slings across his back. Then, his count by the door: wedding band, i-pod, wallet, cellphone, keys. Check. A quick kiss, and he's down the stairs. Closing the door, I prepare fruit and toast. Sitting down, I open the Word...

It's the same, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Yet the repetition is not monotonous perhaps because there is an elegance to our ease in executing a fairly complicated process. Consider if a film director were to shoot the same; coordinating the set and actors would take hours of preparation to achieve a smooth take.

The repetition is not objectionable for another reason: it permits us to play varied melodies to its steady rhythm. A few minutes of cuddling before answering the demand of the alarm clock; laughing over some spectacular bedhead; slipping cookies into the lunch bag; a great thought from the day before, recalled and shouted from or toward the bathroom; a compliment or extra embrace before leaving each other for the day. All these unplanned moments sound clearer, sweeter, deeper when contraposed against the predictable pattern of our mornings.


Christine said...

What a lovely ode to the joys and beauties of the mundane! Oswald Chambers would cheer, and so do I!

Zach & Kaley said...

You are such a wondeful writer. I so enjoy reading your blogs, but especially this one. It is an elegant commentary on the routine of life. Many times reading your writing I imagine published books with your name as I believe many would appreciate it as I do.