Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr. Miller turns 28

Thanks to all our families and friends for remembering Mr. Miller's birthday on September 13. We spent the day doing what he likes best: reading the newspapers (the Times and the Sun), sleeping, browsing the web, discussing politics and theology, and EATING.

The cards you sent were so meaningful. (Aunt Tracy made the incredible guitar card on the right). We opened and enjoyed them together, giving praise to the Father of Light for placing Mr. Miller in these families and friendships.


ornery's wife of Miller Manor said...

It is easy for me to remember how old Mr. Miller is; he was in my wedding photos hiding within the safe confines of his mother's womb. Thanks for the plug about the card, too! :-)

stephanie said...

Hey guys! I just discovered your blog - hope you don't mind me stopping in. :) Guess what else I discovered.... Mr. Miller and I share a birthday! Yep, I also turned 28 on September 13! How cool is that?! (I've met other people who share the day but never the year as well.) Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you both (um...three) are doing well! :)