Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Newsies musings

[WARNING: the following post will only interest cult followers of the film Newsies.]

Remember Newsies? The movie with all the teenage boys, catchy songs, and athletic dancing? The movie that was a must for any girls' slumber party in the '90s? The movie that spurred so many late night debates at the same parties over who was cuter: David, Spot Conlin, or Jack Kelly? (Special shout out to those rebels who liked Kid Blink.)

Well, living in Brooklyn frequently puts to mind the Newsies soundtrack. Last night while humming "I'm the King of New York" as I walked back to the burrow after dining with a friend in Manhattan, I got to thinking about the Sarah character.

Sarah is David's sister who captures the attention of Jack Kelly. She also inspired a generation of teenage girls to wear their hair half-up in a bun. Unlike many of the actors in the film, Sarah (real name: Ele Keats) seemingly disappeared from Hollywood after that role. I googled around and discovered that the actress now designs jewelry. Huh. So there is life after winning the heart of Christian Bale. ::grin::


Liz said...

Yay for Newsies! You should probably be thankful you didn't know me well during my Newsies obsession stage :-)....ah well, great memories to say the least. Thank you for the reminder of the "faces" of Newsies--for the record, you forgot to mention the memorable tumbler Mush (Aaron Lohr) :-)! And yes, I do indeed have the distinction of dressing up as a newsie for Halloween once. (Wow, how nerdy can I get, right?)

Heather said...

ahhh Newsies. I was totally a Brooklyn girl! ;) And I remember doing the half bun up thingy.

I think I might borrow that from Mom and Dad soon, that is unless one of you other girls grabbed it already...

Andrea said...

oh. my. goodness.

carryin' da bannuh!

::sigh:: this post is a very special one, since Newsies is still, to this day, my all time favorite movie. i happen to own the VHS, the DVD, the piano book AND the soundtrack. :)

that's really interesting about ele keats - i have wondered whatever became of her! :)

oh and heather - i'd be happy to lend you my dvd if you're interested. :)

Andrea said...

PS - when my family was in NYC two summers ago, i had those songs running through my head constantly!

PPS - i really like the jewelry she designs! it's beautiful! ridiculously expensive, but beautiful!

Kelley Murphy said...

you do not know me AT ALL, but I'm a friend of Andrea who also enjoys Newsies (mostly because of Christian Bale). I had to comment because laughter and "so good!" were the two things escaping my lips as I read your post.