Thursday, September 13, 2007

Once more, Eisley lilts nicely

The elfish homeschoolers are back with new melodies, but the same ethereal appeal.

Here's the story with Eisley. As many of you know, Mr. Miller and I got to know each other largely through e-mail after meeting briefly at a conference. Just a couple e-mails were enough to convince me that Mr. Miller was the most honorable, godly, brilliant young man of my acquaintance. Yet I had no clue whether he was corresponding with me to merely exchange ideas with a fellow law student and Sovereign Gracer, or, whether there was interest.

Of course I thought the worst. Thus, I was dismayed when I noticed that his e-mail signature read, "Eisley is lovely." I thought, "Great. He has a girlfriend named Eisley and he's trying to give me a hint." Still, the e-mails kept coming so in a moment of brilliance (or jealous curiosity) I googled Eisley and discovered that Eisley is a band, not a girl. Ok, it's technically a girl-band. But I still felt immediate relief!

Days later, Liz, my beloved friend who keeps me abreast of the music world, invited me to see Eisley in concert. Her invitation was fortuitous. Not only did I get to spend time with her, but I got to do so while listening to music enjoyed by this amazing-man-who-did-not-have-a-girlfriend-named-Eisley. Joy!

Last month, Eisley released its second album. We are all happy: Liz, Mr. Miller, and me. I am the most happy. I am married to that Eisley fan, and he's changed his signature line to, "Bethany is lovely."


Simple Joys said...

I don't get it. I need commentary, Mrs. Miller.

Mrs. Miller said...
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ornery's wife of Miller Manor said...

Aww. How sweet.