Monday, September 24, 2007

Reunion Images

We visited the Air and Space Museum. It made the same impression on me as it did twenty years ago: barely interesting. But Xander loved it, which made the trip more than worthwhile.

We lunched at one of my old DC haunts: the Sculpture Garden.

We finished the day at the Museum of Natural History where we observed that all kinds of mommies carry their babies on their backs.

And, finally, the traditional group shots in front of Oma and Opa's home.


ornery's wife of Miller Manor said...

How fun! I am so glad you posted the last picture. You seem to be hiding that little bulge in most of the pix you have posted lately...You look beautiful! It's nice to travel with family and see things through their eyes, and from my perspective, it is nice to "travel without leaving home"!
Glad you got to be with your fam. I am sure missing mine, these days.

Christine said...

You look gorgeous, my dear!

Andrea said...

well, you know how i feel about skinny jeans...haha. but the hair, makeup, and shirt look FABULOUS! :)

mima said...

You have some great pics. Can you send them to Heather then she can send them to me. That little bump is so cute -- you look really great.