Thursday, April 5, 2007


Yesterday the sky opened up and dumped on the City. As I told my cousin-by-marriage, Jen, I couldn't have been more thrilled; rain meant the debut of my galoshes!

We never wear galoshes in Arizona--mostly because it doesn't rain much but also because we walk from our homes, into our garaged cars, and drive to our destination's doorstep.

In Brooklyn, we walk everywhere. For example, yesterday I walked to the produce shop to purchase chives to make this dip for caregroup. Then, I tripped home (enjoying the puddles along the way) to bake Hayley's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies and make chicken tortellini soup for Mr. Miller while listening to Norah Jones' New York City. That night, we walked two miles to caregroup. Gene Kelly and GK-remixed were on our minds...


Andrea said...

you look absolutely adorable in that picture. the coat and galoshes seem to suit you well. :)

Jennifer.Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout out! You look like you belong in a movie.