Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Even More Supreme Court Review!!!

Lest the impression be left that Mrs. Miller is more attuned to Today's SCOTUS Action, I also want to weigh in.

Kennedy thinks he still likes Casey... but... he wants everyone to know that it is a "moderate" decision. Of course it wasn't actually very moderate, as Ginsburg strenuously points out.

Most interesting today is the silence from Roberts and Alito. My guess (endorsed by Mrs. Miller and her mother) says that they kept their powder dry because they want to overturn Roe-Casey. They refused to be quotable today to prevent the next SCOTUS nomination fight from being even more explicitly about overturning Roe. I think they will keep mum until Kennedy can't write badly for a majority anymore. Then they'll take a case and kill Roe 6-3 with Roberts writing for the majority.

/rampant speculation


Simple Joys said...

Great minds think alike!

Simple Joys said...
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Simple Joys said...

The great Jordan also thinks that Alito and Roberts are being Savvy. But he has a slightly different reason. "Alito and Roberts do not join Thomas' Concurrence: Savvy Move or Trouble Ahead?"

Heather said...

thank you both for the commentary! It's nice to have "pro's" in the family! :)