Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Culinary Chef d'oeuvre

Where can one go for a warm meal that satisfies the senses? Look no further than Paul Miller's Kitchen. This new Brooklyn eatery captures all that is great about the borough.

Nestled up against Park Slope just off thriving Fourth Avenue, the Kitchen provides an atmosphere of hip without being pretentious. The chef, who doubles as waiter and sommelier, pulls off both designer jeans and designer meals. We started with chips and a mixed green salad. Then, he served us a mouth-watering beef stew over pasta with Argentinian red wine. Closing off the meal was a crusty, warm apple pie smothered in pecan praline ice cream.

One very innovative ethos at the Kitchen is the chef's belief that conversation accompanies food. He provided good gab in the form of our City Church care group leaders, Claudio and Lulu. This handsome couple, who own the property, are partial backers of the place and add to its winning atmosphere.

Reservations at the Kitchen are hard to obtain, and seating is limited to six. The chef is a full-time blogger and only opens the place upon reservation.

The chef in action


Christine said...

I had no idea Paul was such a chef! Hidden talents are surfacing. Wish I could have seen a photo of Claudio and Lulu, too, just to have faces with names.

ornery's wife said...

So glad Paul is coming to the reunion; maybe he can be the chief chef for one of the meals!