Saturday, April 14, 2007

Part of Our Heritage

Mrs. Miller and I have been listening to one of our favorite, cutting-edge bands: 2nd Chapter of Acts.

What used to require a record player (which, as Mrs. Miller recalled played "big, black things"), is now part of our iPod collection, but other than that little has changed.

Both of us, as grandchildren of the Jesus Movement, have many fond memories of dancing around to Turkish Delight, The Roar of Love, and Which Way the Wind Blows and of straining to sing along with Matthew Ward's tenor parts on It is Well With My Soul, Fairest Lord Jesus, and Holy, Holy, Holy. (Alright, the straining sing-a-longs are mostly just me.) But here we are, in our hip-cool NY apartment, sharing the common culture of our parents and giving glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Dennis, Christine, Tom, and Colene.


Heather said...

talk about memories... :)

Dennis said...

Great to see you still enjoy classical music.

Simple Joys said...

Good memories of great music. We still have the vinyl record! Which reminds me of the time we were watching the movie, That Thing You Do" and one of the characters went over to the record player and turned the record over to play the other side. Heather, Bethany and Evie were stumped, and asked us what he was doing. They were stunned that we used to record on both sides of the "CD."

Lisa said...

I spent much of high school listening to and loving my Mom's Second Chapter of Acts records! So many people our age haven't heard of them, which is really too bad. I'm glad you like them, too!