Sunday, April 6, 2008

Something old

Being a pack rat has its benefits. When my mom came for Evangeline's birth, she brought along a number of baby clothes from her past to share with us. Some of the clothes dated to 1979, 1981, and 1983--the birth years of my sisters and me . Others were mom's birth.

One such item is the red dress pictured here. At the time of my mom's birth, my grandparents lived in Germany for Opa's tour of duty. Christine, my Oma's maid, knit this frock and bonnet in preparation for my mom's arrival. The outfit survived subsequent intercontinental moves and two generations to find its way to the burrow, where Evangeline cozied in it for church today.

Oma and Mom--thanks for storing this treasure so my little one could enjoy it.


Emily M. said...

I love that she's wearing something with that much heritage! Tommy has a few things that my brothers wore, but we'll have to wait for a daughter (or a niece) before my mom opens up her stash of my baby clothes.

Evangeline is going to think this picture is so cool someday!

Heather said...

Ev is sooooooo cute! I'm glad that some of these clothes are finally surrounding an adorable baby again!!!

Chris said...

The dress with hat is a treasure! Evangeline's cheeks remind me of Keith as a baby, who also looked good in red, but her face is her own, a lovely mix of her mom and dad!