Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy days are here again

The weeks following Evangeline's birth were tough. Sleep deprivation. A weak body. A constantly crying baby. I wondered whether there was light at the end of the Newborn Tunnel.

There is.

Ev has consistently slept through the night for the past two weeks. The happy result is that when Ev woke me up this morning, I felt great. I literally sprang out of bed. The day passed in a joyful whirl. I played with Ev, showered, worked out, cleaned the apartment, spent time with my husband, picked up groceries, hosted a friend for lunch, researched the organic clothing craze, answered e-mail, talked to my sister and my grandma, bathed Ev and read her books, spent time in the Word, cooked dinner, and read a novel. Yah!! Thank you, Lord.


Ornery's Wife said...

I am happy for you that things are getting better. I remember those days of getting a hundred things done, but they were usually followed by a couple of days recuperation! :-)
Happy Day!

Chris said...

Bethany-- I am rejoicing with you in your lighter days of being able to enjoy life again! That last formula you tried must be truly nourishing her well so that she cries less and sleeps better. Motherhood can be more fun, at last! How kind of God to give you these last weeks in NYC with a happier baby so you can "do" your list with pleasure. Like I tell Annie, remember God didn't love you less when everything was hard, nor more now!

Simple Joys said...

Glad to hear that my happy and energetic Bethany is back! Sleep is wonderful.

Emily M. said...


stephanie said...

So glad you and Ev are getting some sleep! :)

Let me know if you find out anything interesting about organic clothing. I've been wondering about that as well.