Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting things done: a recipe

Babies are hands-on. After E's birth, I wondered, "How am I supposed to care for my home with this baby needing me all the time?" Here's the recipe that's worked for me over the last couple weeks.

1. Geometric wall-paper :: It terrified E during the first month of her life, so we took it down. Now, it mesmerizes her for hours on end.

2. The swing :: Sure it's a boring YouTube video, but the swing gives serious roller-coaster-thrills to E. She used to stare at herself in the mirror on the backside of the Panda face. Now she stares at the joint in the structure.

3. Dad :: As a full-time student, Mr. Miller is around most of the time, and he truly enjoys taking care of Ev. She plays with her hands or looks around the room while he wrestles with game theory problems, reads the Wall Street Journal, or listens to Rush Limbaugh.

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Chris said...

The photo with Evangeline under Keith's arm is frame-able, which I hope to do soon!