Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last days in NYC

In less than two months, we're relocating to Arizona where the Lord provided housing for us this summer while Mr. Miller studies for the California bar exam. Our impending departure has prompted us to get out and savor the area. A couple weeks ago, we explored the modern art at the Met, and on Saturday we visited the Brooklyn Museum (Mr. Miller and Ev out front at right). We spent most of our time at the latter museum, discussing its politically-potent feminist collection, like the colonial-style wall paper with "terrorism" printed over and over on it.

Then last night, we pulled together a list of things we want to do before leaving NYC. Our list, in no particular order:

1. Tour the UN,
2. Eat Chocolate by the Bald Man in the lower East Side,
3. See a game at Shea Stadium,
4. Visit the Guggenheim,
5. Rent a car and drive the length of Long Island,
6. See Coney Island,
7. Walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
8. Picnic in Central Park, and
9. See David Mamet's new play, November.

We look forward to taking our girl along with us to these destinations. Well, most of them. Mamet may be a bit too much at her age.

Evangeline quizzically stares
at Japanese illustrations
at the Brooklyn Museum


kmac said...

she's super cute. love the expression.

Chris said...

wish you had Keith's baby pictures to compare-- this one of Evangeline is pretty reminiscent!

stephanie said...

Ok, I haven't been there, but Kristi really hated Coney Island. She made it sound like everything was just really run down. I'm not trying to dis your list, but that might be one place to consider not going if you're running out of time.

And, yep, you've got a budding art critic there. ;)

Susanna Rose said...

We'll miss you guys! We've gotta make sure we hang out a few more times at least before you're off to California!:)

Paul Miller said...

Or you could always scratch 8 of those items off the list and just eat at Max Brenner repeatedly. Because the Max Brenner is the awesome.