Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Love in a package

My mother-in-law, Chris, sends exceptional care-packages. She designs them perfectly to delight her specific recipient.

Last weekend, we were the blessed recipients of her creativity. We saved the package as a special treat to open following completion of the MPRE on Saturday morning, hopefully the final exam in my legal career. Inside, we found beautifully coordinated gifts for our coming baby: one of Chris' handmade quilts, a vintage Beatrix Potter baby book, matching pink and green scrapbook paper, pink sleepers (cute and practical!), and money to buy a web-cam!

Mr. Miller recognized the quilt looked just like his baby blanket except that Chris used lovely feminine colors and fabrics. Chris started making these quilts for other people back in 1982, when she only had Zach and Keith, because she had been so blessed by the handmade blankets given to her babies. Each of her blankets is unique and sewn with love and prayers for the baby and its family. When laid on the floor, the blanket provides a special place for the baby to lay on her tummy, develop strong back and neck muscles, observe the great wide world or just the fabric, and play with her toys.

Most importantly, the blanket will serve as a visual prompt for me to entertain my daughter frequently with descriptions of her godly and talented grandmother who prayerfully crafted this blanket just for her.

Chris with Zach (l) and Keith (r)


Chris said...

How blessed I was to read your kind words!

Ornery's Wife said...

What a wonderful post. I loved the photo, which I had never seen before. We,too, were the recipient of one of those lovely quilts. Ryan would not be without it until it was mere tatters. Our favorite photo of him was when we were on Kwajalein and his blanket was in the front loading washer. He never left the washer, while it was in there, and then patiently awaited its clean warm softness to come out of the dryer. Yes, those are wonderful blankies.

Christina said...

LOVE the pic! :) Chris is amazing. :) The blanket she made you is just gorgeous!! Geneva loves hers - we literally take it everywhere. :)