Monday, November 19, 2007

2007 Federalist Society NLC

Mr. Miller and I attended the annual Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention last week. The convention has special significance for us. Mr. Miller first spotted me talking to some mutual friends at this conference two years ago. He asked around for my name, but did not work up the nerve to talk to me until three months later!

We anticipate this convention each year because it is a haven for legal nerds. In other words, these are our people. The panels, debates, and guest speakers are always intellectually stimulating, and the line-up of speakers was especially high-quality given that the Federalist Society was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Long live judicial conservatism and strict constructionist judges!

Admittedly, however, my favorite point of the conference was attending the gala on Thursday night. Not only did I get to don an evening gown and dance with my husband, but we also heard from President Bush, Judge Bork, and Justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas.

With our friends, Lisa and Andrew

Our seats did not afford a view of the President so we watched him on the screen

With friend and mentor, Jeff Ventrella

Mr. Miller with two lovely Lewis women!

With my husband, my lover, my friend

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Michael said...

Keith does his best Opera Singer impression in the nice picture where he is flanked by two lovely Lewis women.