Friday, October 5, 2007

Of Columbia and Mr. Ahmadinejad

While Mrs. Miller keeps our home and brings in some Mahalo bacon, I study law at Columbia University. That august institution recently created a good deal of controversy by inviting President Ahmadinejad to speak to students and faculty.

I found myself torn. On the one hand the invitation of a the leader of a country hostile to American interests seemed to be very unpatriotic, but on the other the practice of shouting down the exchange of ideas seems to be the province of lefties at Columbia.

But a couple days after the speech, my favorite political columnist, Mark Steyn, really crystallized the issue. For Columbia's liberals, the invitation of Ahmadinejad is merely a method for them to declare their self-righteousness. Go read the column, not least for the distinction between "humanitarian needs" and "human needs," and for the classic quip, "But enough about Iran, let's talk about me!" That Mark Steyn!

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Christine said...

Steyn is amazing and so are you for not letting the antics of many of your classmates define you!