Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Heresy of Cool

I wish I had written this piece. I would have titled it, "The Heresy of Hip," because that is alliterative and hip is the new cool. Er...unless hip has been further eclipsed by some new verbiage.

For those, like me, who slave at the feet of cool:
Coolness is heretical. Or at least the pursuit of it is. This is because an inverse relationship exists between our attempts at being cool and our faith in Jesus Christ. The one struts, confident in his ability to do and say all the right things. The other limps, just as confident in his ineptitude, his missed cues and bad timing.

The professionally cool know the short shelf life of their product and are thus characterized by an ability to be just ahead of the curve. They seem to just be leaving the places at which the rest of us are just arriving. It all looks as effortless as it is actually rigorous. That is to say, it’s hard work being cool. And a funny kind of hard work to boot, because it’s not allowed to look hard. Read on...


Liz said...

Very insightful -- thanks for sharing this Bethany!

Andrea said...

brilliant. loved the article. so good!

Chris said...

Great comments on cool!

I have occasionally experienced "accidentally cool" or more often the old sense of the word: spurned and unpopular (or more often just disdained and ignored) because of being different. Of course, that stung (still stings sometimes) because I wanted to be "in" as much as anyone else, just not enough to pursue "cool" since that would have required more effort and less practicality than were my nature. Therefore I welcomed here seeing the pursuit of coolness contrasted with living and giving in God's Kingdom. Nothing else matches being in Jesus, so it's got to be the coolest: everyone else just doesn't know yet! Would that we could let them all know.