Friday, June 13, 2008

30 Restaurants

Nothing new here. New York is famous for its food. Here's a short list of places I'll miss.

For coffee and pastries:
  • Kitchen Commune (Location: Soho. The chandeliers are made from kitchen utensils)
  • Naidres (Location: Carroll Gardens. Delicious wheat-free muffins)
  • Tazza (Location: Brooklyn Heights. First cafe I fell in love with in Brooklyn. In random news, last time I visited, I saw Jennifer Connelly and Emily Mortimer)

For pizza:
  • Grimmaldies (Location: DUMBO, but also now in Arizona! Amazing basic pizza and great views of the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • Oven (Location: Brooklyn Heights. The five-cheese pizza is heaven with a good bottle of merlot)
  • Artichoke (Location: near Union Square. Paul told us about this place; then we read a review in the Sun and decided to make it our last dinner in NYC)

For a meal:
  • Bocca Lupa (Location: Cobble Hill. This hip wine bar and restaurant, just a block from the burrow, excels in ambiance and taste. Mr. Miller and I ate there to celebrate our first anniversary)
  • Noodle Pudding (Location: Brooklyn Heights. Ignore the silly name and GO HERE if you're in NYC. Everything tastes good from the salad to the desserts. Oh, and order the house wine. We also love how family-friendly it is; there were children wiggling at nearly every table)
  • Caracas Arepa Bar (Location: East Village. Best (ok, and only) Venezuelan cuisine I've ever tasted)
  • Five Points Restaurant (Location: NoHo. Yoland told me about this gem. The brunch menu is amazing, and perhaps magical. I ate there with Marilyn, Jenna and Ev mere hours before going into labor!)
  • Song (Location: Park Slope. Great Thai food, but I mention it mostly in tribute to Lulu and City Church, because it is their unofficial restaurant of choice)

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