Friday, June 13, 2008

28 Our back porch

Few people if any have yards in the City (which is why public parks are so important.) A few lucky residents live in the "garden level" of their brownstone and, thus, get a yard. And some fortunate others have a back porch or a fire escape.

The burrow has a small back porch, just large enough for a table, two chairs, a potted plant, and a mini-grill. And it has a view. Sure its a view of the back of some buildings and an industrial portion of the East River, but its a view.

We spent countless afternoons and evenings out there eating, studying, talking, and entertaining. One of my favorite memories is the night we hosted Paul and his friend Kyle. It was March and it was freezing, but still we sat out on the porch in the cold and rain, drinking wine, and letting our conversation follow meandering paths like the smoke coming from the guys' cigars.

I'll miss that porch.

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