Monday, January 21, 2008

Helping out with the Baby

While the Mrs. and I live very far from our respective hometowns, our families have already been able to help with Evangeline. Less than a half-hour after the midwife left, my brother Paul brought some lovely roses and a meal prepared by our caregroup leader's wife, Lulu. He then ran some errands for us so I didn't have to.

Then Mrs. Miller's sister and mother joined us. Evie, who had been sightseeing in New York this weekend, postponed her return to D.C. so that she could help us for the day. And Evangeline's Oma flew across the country to lend a hand. In the picture you can see how all four lovely ladies spent the morning. Evie and Oma did a Target run for us as well!


Andrea said...


that is just so cool.

i'm so excited for you guys!!!!

pldonaldson1 said...

She is just beautiful! i can see a Lewis resemblance. Good job Beth! :) Peggy