Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eating and going out

Today, Evangeline made her first trip out into the great wide world. The purpose? A pediatrician visit. Our pediatrician is located a short walk away in Brooklyn Heights. The doctor was very gentle with her, and said that Evangeline's health is generally quite good. Her only worry at this point is Evangeline's low weight (she's in the 15 percentile). However, we're pretty sure her low weight is due to the trouble I had breastfeeding last week. Though she has a strong suck, Evangeline was never able to connect sucking with feeding even with the help of a lactation consultant. After many tears as I worked through feelings of guilt and loss, we finally moved her to formula on Sunday. She's been eating much better and, Lord willing, will gain weight rapidly. While my preference is to breastfeed because of the numerous health benefits to the baby, the most important thing is to get our girl fed and growing.


Jessie said...

My dear, Bethany, I had the same problem with Reagan. Do not worry and guilt is not from God. Of course you want to breastfeed, and I understand your sadness. (Oh, I understand.) I struggled through the first four months of Reagan's life with breastfeeding. I had a low milk-supply and she never really got the whole sucking thing. She continued losing weight for about two weeks before the Dr. made me (wisely) supplement with formula.

Please know that you are not the only one who has struggled with this and that there are so many people out there who have turned to formula and their children have developed normally. Your precious Evangeline will grow perfectly because you are doing right by her.

God bless you. You are doing great!

Evangeline's Grami said...

These pictures are so precious! I am happy for you all that the trials of the last week appear to be over. May Evangeline grow contentedly!

Anna said...

Bethany--what sweet pictures. Praise God that He has seen fit to feed little Evangeline with formula!
With love to all of you,
The Talcotts

Ornery's Wife said...

I had two babies with similar challenges. Knowing that much benefit is derived from those first few days of nursing, you at least gave her that good start. I think it is fairly common, and we are blessed to live in a time when not only is formula readily available, should there be a discovery of some sort of allergy, there are multiple options to provide sustenance without loss of health.

I agree with Jessie, that guilt or condemnation is not from God, and those feelings are passed on to your child, who cannot distinguish the cause. They are of no benefit to you or your child, so put those feelings to rest.

What a blessing to have discovered the reason for her weight loss, to prevent lengthy worry! Praying for your continued discoveries to be blessings!

Heather said...

She is absolutely beautiful, Bethy! I'm so glad things are smoothing out and that you found such a wonderful pediatritian.

mima said...

She is so beautiful!! I know how important breast feeding is but sometimes you just can't. You will try again with your second baby. Just hold her tight as you feed her, talk to her & continue to tell her how much you love her. She will grow healthy & strong.

Susanna Rose said...


First off, your daughter is absolutely beautiful and you guys take such great pictures!
Also, I can really identify with what your going through with breast feeding! Micah was in exactly the same boat, dropping weight rapidly, etc and I felt desperate.
We also had to go the formula route and found it a real comfort to know exactly how much milk Micah was getting and he definitely gained more weight afterwards too!
Anyways, we'll pray you'll find more calm in this area soon and just don't let any breast feeding Nazis get you down!!;) You know what you're doing and why...that's all the matters!
Can't wait to see you guys again!:)

Zach and Kaley Miller said...


Wanted to let you know that after we read this post, Zach and I prayed for you, and you have come to my mind several times since and I have prayed. A very difficult trial I am sure, and I pray that God either does a miracle to help you be able to breast feed, or grows you in some beautiful ways that may not be seen until later. You are doing such a fantastic job of keeping your blog updated already. It's enjoyable to see my niece over the miles and she is so beautiful!