Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Not the ex-congressman. I'm talking about being just done with my Juris Doctorate!

The ceremony was memorable; I got to wear an overpriced maroon moo-moo. Governor Napolitano, giver of the commencement address, told us how her law school graduation got rained on causing the graduates' purple gowns to bleed. In good lawyer fashion, the violet-tinged graduates filed a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer and won. My ceremony was not that colorful. Instead, we were lectured on the morality of "diversity" by a fellow graduate.

Still, I was able to visit with many of my law school compadres, and hear a heart-warming speech by my friend Rusty. Plus, every time a speaker mentioned the great sacrifices made by the loved ones who survived us through law school, I was able to applaud my parents and sisters--a pitiful show of gratitude for their endless patience, encouragement sessions, and warm, free meals. Special thanks to my sister Evie: roommate and carpool buddy, who dropped me off right in front of the law school each morning of my 1L year so I could protect my high heel-clad feet.

After the ceremony, many photos were taken (not pictured but in attendance was my brother-in-law, Rich). Then we returned to my parent's home where Aunt Vickie and Uncle David joined us for a victory dinner and rousing game of hearts. I lost, the lesson being that a J.D. doesn't change everything.


Lisa said...

Yay!! Congratulations, Bethany!

Anna said...

Hey Bethany, this is Anna from church. I ran across your blog through Heather's - it's been so good to catch up with how you've been doing!

and of course - Congratulations on your accomplishments!! So happy for you!!

ornery's wife said...

CONGRATS!!! So proud of you! And glad you're back in the blogosphere! I enjoyed the video clips. I need to learn how to do that. You have been a great inspiration to me!