Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bye Bye Brooklyn!

Dragging overstuffed bags, we departed Brooklyn two weeks ago. We left behind our neighborhood of brownstones and cramped grocery stores, and our apartment—the treasured space of our new marriage.

We also left behind many wonderful friends. Shortly before we left, the women of our church, led by Kathy and Lulu, threw a post-wedding shower jointly for me and Kim, who was married to one of Keith’s groomsmen a week after our wedding.

The spread of food was a feast of delicacies, and the gifts were a panoply of kitchen gizmos (including green things!). But the food and gifts paled in comparison to the depth of wisdom offered by the women, who represent the many stages of married life.

The Ladies of City Church

We were also blessed when Claudio and Lulu, Kathy and Jeff, and Paul organized a small farewell gathering for Paul (who was leaving for adventures in Europe) and us. After filling ourselves with Lulu’s guacamole and Kathy’s enchiladas, we played tennis and bowled on a Wii console, a video game for the non-skilled with sometimes-painful results. As you can see, the men’s tennis match stayed relatively calm.

We miss Brooklyn. Happily, we will be back in the fall.

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David Talcott said...

You forgot to mention how excited you are to be in California for the summer (!!!), and to be able to attend a fantastic church in Aliso Viejo, Compass Bible Church. :)