Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Honeymoon Skinny

And that is all you're getting on that topic!

After the ceremony, reception, and photographs, Mr. Miller whisked me off to La Hermosa Inn, a local resort that authentically embraces all the beauty of the Arizona desert. We dined that night at Lon's.

The next morning, we overslept. Short of Mr. Miller's daring maneuvers at the airport including cutting over 50 people in line, we would have never boarded our plane to Las Vegas. No, that is not where he took me for the honeymoon! It was just our layover to Maui. ::grin::

For the next six days, we
  • slept,
  • swam in the ocean,
  • picnicked on the beach,
  • slept on the beach (see below)

  • built a sandfortress (no castles for us),
  • watched movies (Hitch, Fever Pitch, The Maltese Falcon, Thank You for Smoking),
  • read (Evangelicals in the Public Square, Total Truth, The New York Times Magazine, and Blueprint--the subscription to which was a wedding gift from Mr. Miller), and
  • discussed the first two chapters of Genesis and brainstormed ideas of how to implement a pre-Industrial Revolution model of the family in our home.
Our condo had a kitchen so Mr. Miller indulged my long-suppressed home-maker sentiments and allowed me to cook for him frequently. We enjoyed all our breakfasts on our back patio overlooking the beach.

Our Condo (we stayed on the 8th floor)

Breakfast is Served

The Eager Eater

Mr. Miller also tutored me in college basketball. We made a NCAA bracket and watched portions of several games. Go Wisconsin! (So, our bracket didn't work out very well...)

We dined our final night at an open-air restaurant in Lahaina. We enjoyed mai tais, fresh Ahi tuna, crab cakes, sweet peas, and many, many kisses!

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Heather said...

Wow! Sounds like you both had a fabulous time!!!!

I'm really intrigued by your conversations on the "pre-Industrial Revolution model of the family"... You'll have to enlighten us sometime!