Sunday, March 25, 2007

Debut in the Big Apple

“Real” life began with a delightful bang last Monday morning! We arrived at JFK airport after double red-eye flights, the first from Maui to Phoenix and then, after an eight-hour visit with my family, the second from Phoenix to New York.

Monday: Shopping Bonanza
Mr. Miller’s younger brother and former roommate, Paul, had blessed us by moving his stuff out even though his new apartment burned down the week of the wedding. Both he and Mr. Miller had prepared the apartment especially to be welcome and clean for me.

However, by the time we unloaded our suitcases and opened packages of gift, the apartment had lapsed into some disorder. In

reaction to the stress, I suggested shopping. Thus commenced a four-hour trip to Target where we purchased two cart’s worth of stuff from our registry. My husband made local Target history by managing to move one of their special magnetized carts outside of the building. As the young sales associate who ran after him as he pushed the brimming cart along the street yelled, “Mister, you can’t do that! You shouldn’t be able to do that!”

NOTE: we are currently sleeping on the twin bed pictured.

Tuesday: Home Bound
Mr. Miller had class all day. I stayed home to clean and organize the house and wait for the post office to bring my packages of winter clothes. There was snow on the ground outside and all I had was resort wear for Maui in my bag. I also discovered that I had failed to remove my wallet from Mr. Miller’s backpack so I was stranded at home with only a little loose change. The man at the corner hot dog stand seemed indifferent to my halter-top and nickels. He awarded me this:

My winter clothes did not arrive. But Mr. Miller negotiated the disposal of our growing pile of old furniture and boxes with the landlord.

Paul joined us that night for the first cooked meal in our new home.
Served: Southwestern Chicken and Black Bean Burritos from Classic Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals.
Verdict: Decent but needs more seasoning.

Wednesday: Mail!
We woke early to haul trash, boxes, a bed, and a large futon down two flights of stairs to the sidewalk. Mr. Miller attended class all-day while I cleaned the house and walked a couple miles to pick up four boxes of clothes at the Brooklyn post office. Coats! Sweaters! Joy!

We dined that night before going to care group.
Served: "Commander" Tim's Submarine Chili from The Ultimate Chili Book
Verdict: Home Run!

Thursday: Shopping Bonanza II
Because Mr. Miller did not have class, we joined forces for another Target run (we avoided carts) before landing at Crate & Barrel and The Container Store. The Container Store is a heavenly haven for detail-oriented people. (Special shout-out to Mom and Andrea!). An article about living in small spaces in Blueprint inspired me to buy matching boxes for storing some of our smaller items and papers above the kitchen cabinets. Mr. Miller approves of the look so we’re going to buy more.

Strategic Purchase of the Day: a queen-sized bed frame.

Friday: Shopping Bonanza III
Mr. Miller secured the loan of the church mini-van, provided we unloaded a billion pounds of sound equipment before driving it and reloading said poundage upon return. The payoff was well worth the labor. We drove the van out to the Long Island IKEA. From cinnamon rolls to chests-of-drawers, that store treated us well. We emerged several hours later with all kinds of treasures. Before heading back to The City, we purchased a mattress.

But the day was just beginning. We had to maneuver this sofa up these stairs.

Saturday: Work and Play

We woke up sore. Undeterred, we assembled IKEA furniture all-day with a short break to take me to get a haircut. I finally have bangs!

That night, we attended the Barrister’s Ball at Columbia. I wore vintage Elie Tahari with a beaded bag from a boutique in pre-flood New Orleans. Mr. Miller wore a suit. The event was like prom except for the open bar and the extra lines on the faces. We had a glorious time visiting with Mr. Miller’s law school friends and dancing until the early hours of Sunday morning!

Sunday: A Day of "Firsts"
Today was our first time at church as a married couple. (Toby gave an excellent exposition of Ephesians 5:25-33). It was also the first time I’ve seen Mr. Miller play the bass. (He played in the worship band). And, it was the first time we used our mini charcoal grill.

Served: Blue Moon Burgers from Classic Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals.
Verdict: Excellent, but only if you like blue cheese.


Heather said...

bangs!!!! I can just see Oma cringing though with them in your eyes. :)

Mrs. Miller said...

::chuckling:: Funny you should mention that fact. I was thinking of Oma as he cut them! :-) (Oh, the things we do for fashion...)

Heather said...

As long as the Mister likes them, that's all that matters! ;)